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Drones capture photos of waste disposal sites in Bagmati

Anna Note Friday, Mar 17, 2017 163 reads

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KATHMANDU -  The High Powered Committee for Integrated Development of the Bagmati Civilization has said the photos captured by drone cameras will be a boon in its effort at management of the Bagmati River.

A group from the Seoul University in South Korea took photos using drones from Uttargaya area in Gokarneshwor Municipality to Sundari Ghat in Lalitpur Sub Metropolis and took out an archive of photos on waste disposal sites, sewerage systems opening up into the river and encroachment of public land property, Bagmati clean-up campaigner, Umesh Bohara.

Bohara added that three separate groups used drones to take photos from Uttarbahini to Gokarneshwor temple, Sinamangal to Minbhawan and Teku Bridge to Sundari Ghat.

Project's Deputy Chief, Yogendra Chitrakar, said the photos reveal where the sewerage wastes have been disposed into the river and added further that drones will be used to take pictures of the tributaries as well.

A report along with the photos has been presented before the Urban Development Ministry, Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation and the concerned municipalities.

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