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CK Raut: Why are we prioritizing him so much?

Brabim Karki Thursday, Feb 16, 2017 4354 reads

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Police recently arrested Dr. Chandra Kant Raut popularly known as CK Raut from Janakpur allegedly for his involvement in organized crime against the state. According to a report, the public speech that he gave at a program organized at Lahan of Siraha on January 17 was suspected to be against the State. This is not the first time he has been taken into custody under such charge. He has been frequently arrested and released on court’s order earlier also, on the charge of sedition.  He is a staunch advocate who has been spurring for Madhes region’s secession from Nepal.


Born in Saptari district, Raut is an electronic engineer and is a winner of many national awards.  He has a master’s degree from Tokyo University and a Ph.D. from Cambridge University. He has also worked as a scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies, Massachusetts.  He abandoned lucrative jobs in the USA and returned Nepal to advocate free and independent Madhes.


His autobiography clearly shows rage against his rivals. One news report published few statements – “They preach to us about Mother Nepal and how we have to protect its purity and innocence. But I say Nepal is not our mother, it is a witch that sucks our blood and grabs our land and rights and keeps us enslaved, in poverty, and injustice. The Madhes is our mother, it gives us land and food, and will take care of our remains when we die. People say the Madhes will be a very small country, but there are more than a hundred countries whose area and a population is smaller. In every way, the Madhes has a glorious future.’ 


He further spits his venom ‘If taking an eye for an eye makes everyone blind, it is better that the evil is blinded. At least this will mean everyone is equal. If they remain powerful, they will strangle you as you turn the other cheek. Aggression has to be beaten out of them.’


His statements clearly show his outburst against his enemy. He thinks Nepal isn’t his mother. In a way, his statements provoke hatred. People from Madhes are struggling for their rights from the past. Nepal promulgated a much-anticipated constitution, the seventh in its bumbling march towards people’s democracy in 68 years. The new constitution was welcomed except in the southern part of Nepal. Madhesis protested against the demarcation of the seven proposed federal provinces, one of the most contentious issues. Many people lost their lives in the agitation. This protest choked the country and blocked the shipment of essential supplies from India. People from the southern part are unsatisfied since long time ago. It should be solved out collectively. Independent Madhes can never be the option.


The greatest challenge for the government is how to manage this agenda advocated by CK Raut because it has a dichotomy. ‘Independent Madhes’ can never be accepted as it ravages our integrity and sovereignty. Some are even arguing about “freedom of expression” guaranteed in Article 17(2) of our constitution. Some human rights organizations are even concerned arguing about his human rights and freedom of expression. And the question is – ‘Why are media and some organizations prioritizing him so much? The consequences will be devastating if he is able to make a hit on those unsatisfied people from Madhes. All should be aware!




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